Revelation: Experience for Our Time

There were no words in this Revelation so it will help for you to focus on your beingness awareness and not the words used to express the experience that birthed what we named the Mandala Society.

Thomas Jefferson spoke of “Sacred Undeniable Truth.” This revelation is about that. A simple example of this truth would be that it is impor- tant to be happy and suppport each other in being happy, in that when we are happy and supporting others being happy, we are more life expressive, and life is about expressing life.

Is this Sacred Undeniable Truth? Again, there were no words in the revelation, it was experiencing the following:

All of existence is energy in relationship. Nothing is more important than relationships, and our most important relationship is with the Supreme Creative Life Force of All Creation. This relationship is so personal, sacred and intimate that it is vital for each person to evolve their own personal Religion.